Boatrocker Brewery is located at 51 Macbeth Street, Braeside, 3195
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Boatrocker are proud to announce they have embarked on one of the most ambitious and creative avenues in brewing (or possibly craziest, depending on who you ask!). We have developed a 60 barrel (13,500 litres) aging program here at our brewery. We have sourced a mix of 30 red and 30 white wine barriques made of French oak, which we will use to age an ever evolving range of beers. The Belgians have been doing this for years to produce beers of amazing complexity and diversity. The most notable of which are sour beers called lambics. These take quite some time to develop, and variations can involve blending to achieve the perfect balance of flavours. Having at our disposal so many barrels will allow us our chance to achieve perfection. On top of lambics, we will also be producing Flemish Red ales, which are notably sour, but with a little more malt complexity. With barrels, the creativity can really be explored with the use of wild and exotic yeasts and bacteria, fruits and vegetables, as well as using the flavours of the oak to impart their own character into the beer we choose to place into it. If ever their was a place where the “art” of brewing was apparent, then surely barrel aging beers is it. Boatrocker are excited at the opportunity that this affords their creative passions, not to mention excites their palates! The great beer writer Michael Jackson once wrote, “The lambic family are not everybody’s glass of beer, but no one with a keen interest in alcoholic drink would find them anything less than fascinating. In their ‘wildness’ and unpredictability, these are exciting brews. At their best, they are the meeting point between beer and wine. At their worst, they offer a taste of history”. As these beers will take time to develop and age, the flavours will change from year to year, season to season. We sure can’t wait!