The darkest and most decadent night of the year is upon us...

IYKYK, but in case you don't, our iconic Starward Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Ramjet - takes many months to age to perfection in our Barrel Room. And let us tell you, that much patience delivers a one-of-a-kind a beer that is absolutely deserving of a party.

So, what's in store for this year's delicious celebration? Get ready for some old favourites, as well as quite a few new surprises.


Tickets are a styled as a 'collect them all' punch card that lets you enjoy all things Ramjet in whatever order you like. Each ticket includes:

- Entry to the private party where our good friend, Mick, A.K.A. DJ Snakes on Everything will be keeping the tunes and vibes going all night

- Ramjet Day merch bag with a 2024 Ramjet Glass and a bottle of 2024 Ramjet.

- 150ml pours of a HUGE lineup of Ramjet variants and vintages, including the 2024 release, some wonderfully wacky new flavour concepts, and a few of our favourite expressions of Ramjet from years past.

- Ramjet inspired cocktails & spirit sippers

- A Ramjet-laden three-course meal from the incredibly creative kitchen of one of our favourite food trucks, Brothl Ramen. Chef Tom's umami bomb flavours are sure to pair perfectly with a big glass of the dark stuff.

- A bonus course of Ramjet-infused Yarra Valley Caviar with accompaniments - pinkies out please!

- A mouthwatering cheese selection from Stone & Crow Cheese Company - you know there are wheels and rinds being lovingly washed with Ramjet as you read this...

- Plus, you know we'll have a few more surprises up our sleeves. It is Ramjet Day, after all!

- And, of course, this is your exclusive chance to stock up the new vintage of Ramjet for your own collections before the beer’s official release to the public

Tickets: $180pp