Barrel Aged Strong Ales

Ramjet - 2021


– Sold Out

Our 2021 vintage of Ramjet is a mix of barrels from the always incredible Starward whisky. Some American oak, some French, however all ex-red wine before being filled with whisky. These barrels were freshly emptied before arriving at Boatrocker.

The whisky notes are prominent (as usual!) with the red wine notes that were previously in the Starward barrels making its presence known. This gives way to the full bodied malts leading into a complex oak character and light fruit and roast malt finish. Whilst big and bold, the palate weight is making us excited for where this beer will be in a year or two.

  • Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • 11.4% ABV
  • 375ml can

Can Release: September 2021

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