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Daddy Koel

What’s a koelschip I hear you ask? It’s a shallow vessel, traditionally made from copper, but modern versions are made from stainless steel. The idea is that the boiling hot wort will cool down overnight, ready to be transferred into barrels the following day. As the wort cools, naturally occurring flora and bacteria floating in the currents of air will land in this wort and inoculate it. So, on a cold winter’s night in 2016 the koelschip went on its maiden voyage. The following day it was placed into 1st use ex-wine barrels, and left to ferment and live in the barrel room. Two years later, the result is Daddy Koel, a true expression of Braeside.
Hay, barnyard, cider and tropical on the nose, with the palate being similar, and a cleansing acidity to finish. Complex, yet delightfully simple.

    • Koelschip
    • 6.2% ABV
    • 500ml

Bottle Release: May 2018

Download tasting notes here.

Category: Bottle (500ml)

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