Feijoa Rhubarb Sour 2020


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Feijoa are a fruit native to South America, but are widely cultivated throughout New Zealand. Their fragrance and flavour are unique, and lend themselves so well to the aromas and flavours of wild ales. They are part of the Myrtle family, and much like other plants in the Myrtaceae, their character is one that will surely divide... A common dessert in New Zealand is feijoa and rhubarb crumble, the acid profile of both these ingredients is striking and gives so much depth... So, we added a load of rhubarb for that oxalic acid hit on the back palate. This combined with the natural funk acid and acid from bacteria and yeast as well as the 100g/L of feijoa fruit make for a trule delicious wild ale.

    • Australian Wild Ale
    • 6.5%
    • 500ml

Bottle Release: May 2020