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Using a blonde lambic style base beer, this wild ale is born of solera method, using our house yeasts aged in French and American oak. A blend of 12 -24 month beers was racked onto cherries from the Yarra Valley for a further 3 months.

Prominent cherry aroma, with matching deep red/ purple colour. The Brett aroma complements the fruit aroma wonderfully. On the palate, bright acidity from the fruit and the bacteria, and a lingering cherry sour flavour.


Chinese duck breast salad with star anise.


At least five years, but drinking superbly now. The fresh fruit character will drop off over time but will still remain prevalent, and the brett character will evolve as well.

    • Blended Morello & Black Cherry Wild Ale
    • 6.5% ABV
    • 500ml

Bottle Release: December 2019

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