GETTING CHEESE TROLLEY-ED! | WED 24 MAY | 7PM - 9PM (and beyond)

Can’t find the perfect port or pinot for that blue vein? Goat cheese pairings getting your goat?

Let Boatrocker chart a better course for your cheese appreciation…

At the helm, you’ll find Head Brewer, Kirsten Lubitz and Chef Rob Kabboord, whose former restaurant, Merricote, was notorious for its completely over-the-top cheese trolley offerings.

Together, they’ll take you on an in depth exploration of beer’s relationship with cheese, and most likely encourage an increased intake of both.

With Rob’s expert guidance, you’ll taste and learn about different styles, ages, and treatments of cheese; and with each new dairy delight, you'll try a Boatrocker beer that is its perfect companion. Kirsten will delve into how the beers were made and why their flavours are able to complement or contrast the cheeses in such a delicious way.

This workshop will run through 6 different generous cheese tastings (with accompaniments) along the fresh to funky spectrum, and each will be paired with a unique Boatrocker beer in a lineup that showcases everything from easy drinking, to wild, to bold and barrel aged.

The Barrel Room will be opening specially for this event, so all you beer nerds turned cheesemongers in the making will be able to share thoughts and tasting notes over a drink at the bar afterward.