Red Sky at Night

A sailor's delight!

We've tapped the imagination of our crew and come up with our latest Pilot Brew. This Barrel Room exclusive was inspired by one of our more recent releases - 'Northern Red'. A beer that is a taste of home for many ex-pats in our neck of the woods, and one that would have been dreamed about by homesick explorers on the high seas, but not one that would have fared very well on long voyages at sea.

So, we've upped the ABV to export strength, gone darker with the malt roast, and infused this brew with layered chai tea flavours that would have been collected along the spice routes of yore. Malty. Toasty. Intriguing.

  • Chai Spiced Dark Red Ale
  • 7.2% ABV

Pint: $15

Pot: $8

Taster: $4.50