Koel Aid - 2021


Having the luxury of Australia’s oldest beer barrel room, our cultures and beers are always throwing out rare delights. Combine this with beers produced using our custom koelschip, we are able to blend beers of exquisite depth and character, thanks to not only the yeast cultures from around the world, but also the naturally occuring wild microflora we have been capturing since 2013. This beer is a blend of two beers, one having the heritage of yeasts from our ‘6 Bretts’ and one beer being a 100% spontaneously fermented beer from our koelschip program. Why Koel-Aid? Well when we tasted the beers, the 6 Bretts barrel was just lacking that certain something... along came the koelschip beer to the rescue, to create a truly memorable beer.

On the nose, the aroma is tropical fruits, and some great depth of funk, a litte bright citrus too. On the palate, juicy tropical, with a cut through of the complex acid profile. The brettanomyces really working well, providing such a great counter to the overall intensity of the beer.

  • Wild Ale
  • 6.2% ABV
  • 375ml
Bottled September 2021

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