Barrel Room Info


Experience Boatrocker to its fullest by visiting our Barrel Room & Beer Garden. An immersive journey from your first steps into the festive beer garden, to the sights and smells of over 300 ex wine and whisky barrels filled with Boatrocker's future creations in the Barrel Room. Our friendly staff are amazing, more than happy to discuss our full offering with you, and help you on your Boatrocker journey.

  • 14 taps of ever-changing Boatrocker beers plus a huge range of packaged beer you can enjoy. Two tap systems so we can serve your beer at the best temp and carbonation for each beer, allowing you to taste it at its best. Grab a tasting paddle to explore the range.
  • Distinctive Boatrocker spirits, along with others from our favourite Australian and international distilleries. Order neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer.
  • Cocktails - our staff are some of the best cocktail slingers around creating new delicacies all the time for your enjoyment.
  • Local wine, cider and gluten-free beer and non-alcoholic beverages also on offer.

So, grab your friends and family, make yourself comfortable at one of the barrels or relax in our beer garden. 


Our Barrel Room also acts as our Cellar Door where you can pick up all of your favourite Boatrocker beers and spirits. You are more than welcome to grab any of our stock to take home, or stay and enjoy at the Barrel Room.