Treat yourself to a tasty afternoon out at the Australian Distillers Festival at Abbotsford Convent!
These legends are bringing together the best of Australia's diverse distilleries, and showcasing everything from gin to whisky, vodka to liqueurs, and whatever you can think of in between. You name it, you can taste it there!
As a craft distillery that enjoys experimenting with a wide range of spirit styles and flavours, the Boatrocker Crew is very excited to be taking part in a festival that lets us show off the full extent of our range - from the classic to the cooky! Not to mention the cocktails and mixed drinks you can order once you've found your favourite tipple...
The best part, our very own boat-rocking captain, Matt Houghton, will be running a masterclass on understanding gin botanicals, which will include a live, interactive, gin blending and tasting session - your chance to taste how distillates of individual botanicals can drastically change the character of a neutral juniper base gin. A flavour adventure, if you will.
His masterclass will run at 3:30PM during Session 2, but even if you can't make that one, we know that every session will be a banger!