Sorry to bother you folks, but we thought we’d let you know about a little party we’re having.
Oh, you forgot about Canada Day, eh? Well it’s coming up faster than a beaver goes through a log of wood.
So, get off your Chesterfield, grab your toboggan, make sure your tuque is on snug, and don’t forget your Toonies and Loonies* because this will be an apologetically good time.
Don’t get salty, you know we’ll have Caesars to get your day going the right way. Plus, you could bring along some buddies and split a 10-pack of Timbits - salted maple doughnut whiskey shots.
We’ll also be tapping (maple tree pun intended) our newest Barrel Room exclusive pilot brew, Double Double, a maple & coffee milk stout that’s sure to transport you straight back to Timmies.
Our resident cocktail Canuck has whipped up a real doozy - Nanaimo You Didn’t - a Canada Day cocktail that captures all the chocolatey, custardy, coconutty nostalgia of the Great White North’s favourite dessert.
DJ Spotify will be spinning Canadian classics all night, and we haven’t even told you about the food! With a Canada Day menu, you know poutine is going to be on the curds, and our mates at Juicy Brucey’s have created a maple bacon burger special that’s fit for the lumberjack in all of us.
It’ll be a riot. You can even take home a two-four.
*Please do not actually bring any Toonies or Loonies; Boatrocker is still a cash-free venue.