CREATE YOUR OWN GIN: Tasting & Blending Masterclass | SUN 08 OCT | 12PM - 2.30PM

You asked. We answered.

Gin lovers rejoice, because this is your official invitation to Boatrocker's fully hands-on gin masterclass where you actually get to make your own gin!

This, friends, is not your average gin tasting...

For this in-depth gin experience, we're starting right at the beginning; you'll learn how gin is made, explore its colourful history, and discuss the exciting evolution of Australia's craft gin movement and trends (all with a G&T in hand, of course).

Then, you'll get acquainted with a wide range of botanicals - some familiar, some far more exotic - that make gin the distinctive and delicious drink it is. We'll break down techniques we use when creating our own recipes and teach you Boatrocker's approach to flavour experimentation and blending, which aims to constantly push the boundaries of creativity while never abandoning the goal of making absolutely smashable gins.

You'll get to taste a selection of Boatrocker gins for some inspiration and to gain a better understanding of how certain flavours can balance and complement each other. Then, with a little bit of help, it's your time to shine!

Our Founder and Head Distiller, Matt Houghton, will guide you through the process of blending your own gin. There's sure to be a bit of trial and error, but that's half the fun!

Starting with the blank canvas of a neutral gin base, you'll get to smell and taste a whole cast of single-botanical distillates, which you will use to build a gin recipe that is as one-of-a-kind as you are...your 'spirit' animal, if you will.

Once you've created your perfect blend, you'll bottle and label your bespoke gin to take home and show off to friends and family because, come on, you're basically an expert now.

P.S. There will be snacks!


A 2.5 hour session led by Boatrocker's Founder & Head Distiller, Matt Houghton

- G&T on arrival

- Gin & distilling crash course with Q&A session

- Introduction to botanicals, blending & recipe creation

- Boatrocker gin tasting

- Guided, hands-on gin blending experience including single-botanical spirit tasting

- Opportunity to create and taste multiple gin blends and pick your favourite

- Generous cheese & charcuterie grazing boards

- A 500ml bottle of your one-of-a-kind gin to take home

- 10% off any other gin takeaway purchases

We'll also keep the recipe you create for your bespoke gin in our records so you can re-order bottles to enjoy again and again or to give as a seriously unique gift.