The ultimate celebration of great beer and great food - 'de Vrolijke Boot' (The Merry [Merri] Boat) is an event concept and beer-fuelled dining experience that has been evolving for over a decade (yes, we’re counting those pesky lockdown years as ‘research & development’).

This tradition, which has become nearly synonymous with Good Beer Week, was originally devised as a ‘fine dining with funk’ degustation lunch that showcased why beer could and should be regarded as highly…if not more so…as wine, when curating food and beverage pairings.

The idea was brought to life by old friends Matt Houghton, founder and creative mind behind Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers, and Chef Rob Kabboord, formerly of Merricote and Quay, who has been championing beer’s place at the fine dining (or any) table for years.

Now, 10 years later, they’re back at it again. Matt and Rob have had just enough brainstorming beers to begin menu planning, and would like to invite you to join them and their friends for a feast of epic proportions in the Boatrocker Barrel Room.

'de Vrolijke Boot IX' will include five courses, plus snacks, all expertly paired with a wide range of Boatrocker beers, both new release and dusted off from our cellar.

Rob’s incredible menus change wildly every year, with dishes that lean modern European and always have a flair for fun. Beer pairings will be an exploration of styles, everything from Boatrocker’s take on European traditions to experimental sours and wild ales, and of course, plenty of brews from the barrels. Knowing Matt and Rob, there will also probably be a cheeky spirit or two for good measure.

This has been Good Beer Week’s fastest-selling event many years over, so be sure to grab your seat at the table.