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Seven Year Itch - Cask Strength Whisky


Seven years is a long time to wait for a whisky to come of age. We have patiently sampled this whisky every year, always thinking the best was yet to come. So we waited patiently... and after 7 years in cask, we tasted, hoping this was to be the year... and bingo! It was tasting sublime, and incredibly smooth at cask strength. Now we had other decisions to make... do we cut it back, or do we release at cask strength. We did a little more testing, and decided that cask strength was the way to go. We're glad we did, as the judges at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards thought it was pretty tasty too, and gave it a gold medal... 

On the nose, dried fruits, marmalade, oak, vanillins and wonderful. Much of the same on the palate, with a delicious fullness from the oak, hints of fruity sweetness, marmalade. A delightful sipper.

  • Cask Strength Whisky
  • 63.5% ABV
  • 500ml

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