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As a small locally based family business, we love to show our support for other businesses, charities and clubs in the community. This year we've engaged with some truly fantastic charities and sporting clubs. Find out a bit more about each of these amazing organisations below:

Australian Animal Protection Society

The Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS) was established in 1972 by a group of people greatly concerned about animal welfare, to help address the need for an Animal Shelter in the South Eastern region of Melbourne in Victoria. After 48 years, the shelter continues to care for and nurture animals and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or to find them new fur-ever homes.

AAPS is a community-based, not-for-profit registered Charity that rely entirely upon volunteers and community support together with Opportunity Shops, to provide essential financial support for the Shelter as they do not receive any Government funding at all.

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Heatherton Truck Show (For Variety The Children's Charity)


Heatherton Truck Show is a charity event, to raise money for Variety the children's charity.

Variety the children's charity believes that all kids deserve a fair go. Their work focuses on helping kids aged 0-17 who face challenges such as sickness, disadvantage and special needs. They provide support to families and organisations through:

  • Grants for equipment, educational resources and technology to help kids & organisations in need.
  • Scholarships to encourage the talents of kids in need.
  • Programs designed to educate and empower kids in need.
  • Events that help engage & bring joy to kids and their families in need.

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The Treasure Chest Charity

The Treasure Chest Charity’s mission is to raise funds to increase the capacity of the Shared Breast Services of the Royal Women’s and Royal Melbourne Hospital’s to provide total care for breast cancer patients. They do this by enhancing access to all aspects of support needed before, during and after treatment.

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Skye United Football Club


Skye United FC is a local soccer club founded in 1982 that has worked hard over the last few years to expand opportunities for kids as young as 5 to join the beloved sport.

Today they are made up of over 300 players with a huge 30% of those members being female and are working hard to continue to increase female participation at junior levels to allow for future progression into club senior teams and provide pathways for potential elite players to NPL.

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Seaford United Soccer Club

Seaford United is a local soccer club founded in 1969 to support players of all ages and abilities from 5 and up. This long-standing club is supported by over 600 Players, coaches, managers and members and is fully run by volunteers, including its sitting committee.

With everything on offer the club strives to be a great entry level club for newcomers and a welcoming family-based community club.

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