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Feliz Navidad Christmas Gin

An ode to the Mexican Mole /ˈmoʊleɪ/Feliz Navidad is a festive gin designed to stand out in a field of festive Christmas releases, displaying characters from Mexican cuisine alongside warm spices and botanicals.

 Mole (or mix) is a traditional festive sauce quite literally combining what ingredients are at hand, though three are almost always present – chocolate (cacao), chili (lacto-fermented jalapeno) and coffee. As the story goes, a chef in early Hispanic Mexico accidentally knocked over containers of mixed ingredients into an already cooking pot of chicken; thus the mole was born. We have been far more deliberate with our festive array of Australian and alternative botanicals, also picking the finest Panama Coffee from Cartel Coffee Roasters in Melbourne. Enjoy, and Feliz Navidad!

BOTANICALS - Juniper Berry, Coriander, Angelica, Orris, Anise, Cacao, Cassia, Clove, Orange, Pepperberry, Cartel Panama Coffee, Laco-Fermented Jalapeno

  • Raspberry Gin
  • 43% ABV
  • 700ml 


Category: Gin

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