Gaston - Brett Saison Aged in Fortified Riesling Barrels - 2021


One of the first beers to come out of our barrel program in 2015 was Gaston, a big chardonnay barrel aged Saison with Brett Brux.

This time around we aged Gaston in ex-fortified Riesling barrels and used a blend of Brett Brux as well as Brett Clausenii, the latter imparting wonderful tropical fruit notes which complement the classic barnyard character of B.Brux. Due to the nature of the wild yeast and high alcohol, this beer has excellent ageing potential, much like the gentlemen after whom this beer is names, Gaston Pamvert, the cheeky French great-uncle of our founder.

  • Brett Saison Aged in Fortified Riesling Barrels
  • 10.6% ABV
  • 500ml

Bottle Release: May 2021 

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