Double Barrel Aged Rum


Boatrocker is about challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, yet maintaining quality and delicious drinkability. It’s hard finding something unique these days, and we believe our rum represents just that. A unique opportunity to taste the dedication to quality and flavour that represents our ethos and collective skills.
Our rum releases undergo double maturation, initially in ex-bourbon barrels for more than two and a half years followed by a further 6 months maturation in level 3 char virgin American oak barrels. Our wash is crafted from the finest molasses and cane sugar, with a small percentage of our in-house solera dunder added to every distillation. This allows our still and the ageing in oak barrels to produce an amazing array of complex aromatics of allspice, dark chocolate and vanilla with a palate of candied orange peel which teasingly opens up to brown sugar and molasses, coconut lactone, vanilla, ending on a pleasing oaky finish. A rum to drink neat, or with your favourite premium mixer.

  • Double Barrel Aged Rum
  • 45% ABV
  • 700ml

Bottle Release: February 2021

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