Time Lord - 2021


One of our first releases wild ale releases, back in 2015 was Time Lord. It was a blend of 3 different vintages dating back to 2013. Brewed and blended in honour of the Lambic ales coming out of Belgium, this is the Boatrocker take on the complexity and sheer drinkabilty of these amazing ales. We aged our hops, used traditional methods of production and chose only the best barrels across three different vintages to create a beer of sublime textural and aromatic qualtiies.

On the nose, that classic barnyard aroma, working harmoniuosly with the wood and acid profile. The aged hops are really strutting their stuff in this beer. On the palate, a balanced acidity, with some wonderful depth. Some oak tannins, complex acids, and good palate weight, really make this a beer worthy of the Time Lord name.

  • Wild Ale ale
  • 6.5% ABV
  • 375ml
Bottled September 2021

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